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February, 1999

Press Release issued by St. George's Hospital announcing a clinical trial using Onyvax's vaccine.

St. George's Hospital Establishes Vaccine Trial for Prostate Cancer

Urology and Oncology doctors at St. George's Hospital have developed a cancer vaccine for use in prostate cancer. Sixty patients are being recruited over the next twelve months to take part in a prostate cancer vaccine trial. To be considered for the trial, patients must have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been treated with hormones which are no longer effective in controlling the disease.

Mr Roger Kirby, consultant urologist, says "We have previously seen good results with cancer vaccines for malignant melanoma, with an increase in survival from eight months to two years for this aggressive disease. We hope that the results of the prostate trial will be available within twelve months."

Prostate cancer is a major cause of death in this country and the number of men suffering from the disease continues to rise. Hormones are usually prescribed to try to keep the cancer growth under control but once the cancer "escapes" there is no treatment which prolongs survival.

Although skin cancer vaccines have shown minimal side effects, it is not yet known what the side effects will be following injection of the prostate cancer vaccine. Patients must be available to receive a series of injections over a six month period.

It is expected that patients will be recruited to the trial via referrals from GPs and Urology Departments at other hospitals. An answerphone service has been set up to enable callers to leave their name and address so that further details can be sent to them.

The number is +44 (181) 682 9494

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