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May 24, 2000

Grant of Key Cancer Vaccine Patent in US

May 24, 2000. Onyvax Limited (London, UK; www.onyvax.com) has received notice of the grant of US patent number 6042827 entitled 'Anti-idiotypic Antibody Induction of Anti-tumor Response'.

The patent, licensed exclusively from Cancer Research Campaign Technology (London, UK), covers the antibody 105AD7, an anti-idiotype vaccine that can induce both cellular and humoral immune responses against the widespread tumour antigen CD55. The direct attack on tumors thereby generated in itself leads to a therapeutic response. In addition, CD55 is a key part of tumors' defense against complement, an important arm of the immune system; by disarming this mechanism, the cancer will be more susceptible to immune-mediated destruction.

Dr Andrew D. Sutton, Head of Research and Development said: "This, our first granted US patent, is an important milestone for Onyvax. It underpins our current clinical research on antibody 105AD7 which we believe will be a potent vaccine against a broad range of cancers. Our first trials have been initiated in early- and late-stage colorectal cancer patients with results due in approximately 18 months."

Onyvax is a private company focussed on the development of therapies that harness the power of the immune system in the fight against cancer. It is believed that such an approach will benefit from the power and selectivity of the immune system whilst offering an excellent side-effect profile. To this end, Onyvax is developing vaccines targeted to specific cancers. The company currently has three vaccines in clinical trials, two based on whole-cell technology in prostate and colorectal cancers and one based on anti-idiotype antibody 105AD7.

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