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September 24, 2003

Berna Biotech and Onyvax announce collaboration

Berna Biotech Ltd (SWX: BBIN) and Onyvax Ltd today announced the formation of a collaboration. Under the terms of contract, Berna will produce phase III clinical trials batches of Onyvax-P, Onyvax’s Cell Vaccine against prostate cancer.

Onyvax-P contains three cell lines that represent different stages of prostate cancer. The cell lines are irradiated and so cannot grow or divide. Onyvax designed its vaccine to induce a powerful immune response against a broad range of prostate cancer-associated antigens without the severe side effects often associated with conventional cancer therapies.

This production agreement provides Berna with the opportunity to expand its expertise into another promising therapeutic area. The collaboration provides Onyvax to share Berna’s broad experience in producing vaccines to the highest standard.

No financial details were disclosed.

About Berna Biotech

Berna Biotech Ltd (Swiss Exchange: BBIN) develops, produces and markets vaccines and immunotherapeutics for private and public markets world-wide.

Headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Europe and Korea, Berna Biotech employs app. 900 people. A range of novel and validated proprietary technology platforms support a strong product portfolio. The company markets its primary vaccines products in the hepatitis B, respiratory and travel franchises, and has a broad development pipeline. Development is supported through alliances with academic and commercial partners.

In the first half 2003, Berna Biotech achieved a net sales of 158.5 million CHF and an EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) of 63.7 million CHF.

Further information on Berna can be found at www.bernabiotech.com

About Onyvax

Onyvax is a biotechnology company developing novel cancer therapies that harness the selective power of the immune system to seek and destroy tumour cells.

Founded in 1997, Onyvax has three product candidates in clinical trials designed for the treatment of prostate and other cancers. Onyvax’s lead products are based on combinations of inactivated cell lines that induce immune responses to a broad spectrum of tumour targets. For each cancer type, Onyvax generates banks of proprietary cell lines representative of different stages of the disease. The vaccines are manufactured in bulk under standardised conditions.

Onyvax is committed to the commercialisation of new therapies that significantly prolong survival while maintaining a high quality of life for cancer patients. The Company is based in London and has collaborations with leading institutions in Europe and the US.

Further information on Onyvax can be found at www.onyvax.com

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