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April 3, 2006

Eden Biodesign and Onyvax Limited Announce Biomanufacturing Contract

Liverpool and London 3 April 2006: Eden Biodesign, the operator of the UK National Biomanufacturing Centre (NBC), and Onyvax Limited, the biotechnology company developing novel cancer therapies, today announced a commercial agreement where Eden will supply cGMP clinical manufacturing services to Onyvax for its Cell Vaccine program in ovarian cancer.

The NBC Access Fund, a £2.7 million fund launched by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) will provide supporting finance for the programme which will take place at the NBC, in Speke, Liverpool. It is the first programme to be awarded financial support.

The access funding allows Onyvax to take advantage of the leading development and manufacturing expertise of Eden Biodesign, which was appointed by the NWDA to run the NBC, a £34.25m initiative to provide state of the art biomanufacturing facilities and development expertise to UK Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and academics. The NBC opened for business in February 2006 and is set to become Europe’s leading biopharmaceutical design centre.

With a client base of over 70 biotech organisations, Eden Biodesign specialises in overcoming technical, regulatory and logistical hurdles, speeding up biopharmaceutical development timelines and reducing cost.

Crawford Brown, CEO of Eden Biodesign, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Onyvax, a top tier UK Biotech and are convinced we will be able to add substantial clinical and commercial value to their products.”

Anthony Walker, of Onyvax, commented: “This agreement marks an important step in the development of Onyvax’s pipeline. This ovarian cancer vaccine is based on the same technology as Onyvax-P, the company’s lead product for prostate cancer that has generated encouraging results in Phase IIa clinical trials. We hope to roll out the technology to a range of other cancers over the next few years and hope to start clinical trials in ovarian cancer in 2007/2008.”

Dr Linda Magee, NBC Project Director for NWDA, also commented: “We are delighted to be delivering genuine practical assistance to UK biotechs in meeting the stringent requirements for manufacture of clinical products through the support of the NBC programme. Onyvax has an exciting product technology that could in future deliver huge benefits to cancer patients worldwide”.


For further details regarding Eden Biodesign and the National Biomanufacturing Centre contact Charmaine Colvin:
Tel: 0870 240 5536 or 07951 821472
e-mail: charmaine@redheadpr.co.uk

For further details regarding Onyvax contact:
Dr Anthony Walker / Robert Johnson
+44 (0)208 682 9494
Financial Dynamics
Julia Philips
+44 (0)20 7831 3113


Notes to editors

The National Biomanufacturing Centre

The £34.25 million National Biomanufacturing Centre, which opened in February 2006, is a Government-funded initiative led by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) and is additionally funded through the European Regional Development Fund and the Department of Trade and Industry. It aims to establish England’s Northwest as one of the foremost biomanufacturing centres in Europe.

The centre will provide the expertise and facilities to support new and existing biotechnology companies, offering product development services designed to fill in the skill and resource gaps that exist within these organisations. It will also provide training in biomanufacturing and analytical sciences, delivering the skilled workforce required to expand the UK biopharmaceutical sector.

There is also an Access Fund of nearly £3 million which is available to qualifying small to medium companies and academic groups in the biotechnology sector to assist them in purchasing development and clinical manufacturing services from the Centre.

Eden Biodesign

Eden Biodesign is a successful international biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing services business that provides ‘state of the art’ services to biotech clients across Europe, the USA and Asia. Eden Biodesign has been awarded the contract to operate the UK National Biomanufacturing Centre, recently opened in Liverpool.

Eden Biodesign promises all clients a committed service plus the knowledge and expertise to guide clients through process development, manufacturing, regulatory and technology transfer challenges.

The company uses the principles of ‘Good Science’ at every step of biopharmaceutical development to design programmes and processes that deliver clinically and commercially valuable products, with an accomplished and attentive level of project management that clients need.

The Northwest Regional Development Agency

The Northwest Regional Development Agency is responsible for the sustainable economic development and regeneration of England’s Northwest and has five key priorities: business; skills and education; people and jobs; infrastructure and quality of life. For further information about the NWDA please visit www.nwda.co.uk


Onyvax Ltd is a biotechnology company developing novel cancer therapies that harness the selective power of the immune system to seek and destroy tumour cells.
Founded in 1998, Onyvax is developing products that use the power of the immune system to treat prostate, ovarian and other cancers. Onyvax’s lead products are based on combinations of inactivated cell lines that induce immune responses to a broad spectrum of tumour targets. Onyvax-P, a Cell Vaccine for prostate cancer, is due to enter Phase IIb clinical trials in 2006. For each cancer type, Onyvax generates banks of proprietary cell lines representative of different stages of the disease. The vaccines are manufactured in bulk under standardised conditions.

Onyvax is committed to the commercialisation of new therapies that significantly prolong survival while maintaining a high quality of life for cancer patients. The Company is based in London and has collaborations with leading institutions in Europe and the US. Further information on Onyvax can be found at www.onyvax.com


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